Saturday, 30 April 2016

M&S Spirit of Summer Smokey Tennessee Rib

Gracious me! Yet another new crisp flavour from the ever hardworking crisp development department at Marks & Spencer.

And, you've guessed, I wasn't expecting to enjoy them much because you know I don't really care for barbecue as a flavour. But this is a very discreet barbecue flavour and I thought it worked quite well.

But I have no idea what this flavour has to do with Tennessee (I haven't been there) or indeed, what it has to do with ribs. Because it is suitable for vegetarians.

Sigh. I don't know why I bother to type anything at all before looking online. It seems that Tennessee Ribs are a thing and there's about a million recipes out there for me to try should I so wish. The first one (courtesy of Good Morning America) is labelled difficult, and features more than 20 ingredients but mysteriously not the method for making the complicated sounding barbecue sauce and barbecue rub. As we don't have a barbecue or a pit (whatever that may be) I think I'll stick with these crisps.

I think this packet was the choice of the Senior taste tester and the photograph shows the end of the packet so there are more broken crisps than you would usually expect. But it does show the amazing rich red colour. Which doesn't really show on the packet.

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