Tuesday, 26 April 2016

M&S Full on Flavour Roast Beef & Onion

Yet another different flavour of crisp from those insatiable guys at the Marks & Spencer crisp development unit. Do they ever sleep? On recent evidence it would seem not. Although for some strange reason these crisps are made not in the UK but Denmark.

The reluctant taste testers and I quite liked these beefy crisps for the most part. I think most of this 150g packet got eaten. Quite beefy, quite oniony, and weirdly, suitable for vegetarians. Nice aroma too.

And there's an interesting serving suggestion here. Put the crisps into a bowl. Chop up some parsley, and cut up some onion rings. Toss the parsley and onion rings into the air over the bowl of crisps. I think it would be a mistake to do this, not to mention annoyingly fiddly to tidy up.

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