Thursday, 21 April 2016

M&S Spirit of Summer Lightly Salted Carnival Mix

Red, white and blue potatoes, plantain, orange and purple sweet potatoes and beetroot. Wow, what an amazing mix. And how pretty this mix of crisps is. At times it looks like the fanciest potpourri and you expect it to be rose and violet petals rather than potatoes.

History Graduate taste tester picked these up at the local M&S. I had been aware of them for a couple of weeks, but frankly I was a little worried we were over-dosing on M&S crispy snacks. Well, maybe you can't.

This is rather nice. Very pretty, enormously pretty, and in fact rather tastier than you might suppose. Some crispy snacks which include beetroot or sweet potato aren't quite as nice as what you might hope, but this is all pretty tasty. Nice crunch and a gentle salty taste combine with the crisps to produce an impressive crispy snack. Although some of the reluctant taste testers were not mad for the plantain component. Well, there wasn't too much plantain, and I didn't get to try one so I can't comment.

Another entry in the Spirit of Summer range so the packaging is as gaudy as you might expect.

I've been away from the blog for too long. My computer has been suffering password problems. I can't tell you how many passwords I've had to change recently and I don't know why. It really put me off opening up my computer this last week in case I had to change my password again. Infuriating. (Grrrr.)


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