Friday, 22 April 2016

Riceworks Wasabi Soy & Ginger

So, a gluten free crispy snack made from rice: bumped brown rice (what is bumped rice?) and rice flour, plus ground white corn. Tall Elegant taste tester chose this snack and tells me it was very expensive. Lucky thing she loved it then.

I have to say I wasn't mad keen myself. But then you already know I'm not crazy about wasabi. And frankly I was a but stunned when the inside of my mouth went all numb and tingly after just one crisp. But that's just me.

Most of the other taste testers are made of stronger stuff and were pretty impressed. And ate quite a lot of these triangular snacks. They were quite popular.

And you can't really tell that this is a rice-based snack not corn or potato. Not bad. But (and not for the first time) I was disappointed that a triangular crispy snack seems far more breakable than snacks of other shapes. OK, I know that broken crisps taste the same as the unbroken ones. But the experience is not the same.

Interestingly the packet says that a serving is 1oz (28g), which is about 10 crisps. I hadn't thought of that.

And here's something else I hadn't thought of. This is a product made by Shearer's Foods in the United States. Why did I not consider that this might not be a British product?

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