Wednesday, 6 April 2016

M&S Pea & Mint Hand Cooked Crisps

By chance we are in the middle of  massive binge testing of new crisps from Marks & Spencer. Suddenly we cannot move for brand new crispy flavours. Honestly, it seems as though the M&S crispy snack department never rests.

So here's another offering from M&S. This is one of the Tastes of the British Isles range but it's not clear exactly what part of the British Isles is particularly represented by peas and mint. Perhaps it's a fairly flat area with not many trees? Er, no. That looks like a field of potatoes not peas.

I must say though, that for a pea flavoured crisp the packaging couldn't be much better.

Lovely big crisps with a great crunch, but a slightly greenish (or even blueish one taste tester hazarded) tinge (a bit weird that). I wasn't quite sure myself about the taste. It's mostly mint but then you get an aftertaste of pea. Kind of.

Tall taste tester said he really rather liked them. But incorrectly identified the taste as horseradish! However, I don't think even Extremely Senior Volunteer taste tester was particularly enthusiastic about this crisp flavour.

I don't really get pea as a flavour for a crispy snack. I don't think pea is a strong enough flavour even with the added mint but there you are. It's maybe just me.

But think on this. The ingredients include spinach (possibly for colour?) and carrots. Carrots? Really. Now that is seriously weird.
The greenish colour doesn't show up on the photograph.


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