Tuesday, 5 April 2016

KP Snacks Roysters Bubbled Chips T-Bone Steak flavour

Here is a crisp from Roysters which is a subsidiary of KP Snacks. And this packet was donated by Tech taste tester who says this is a crisp from a student lunchbox. I sort of see what he means.

This is a bubbled chip made with dried potato so (presumably) not cooked in the same way as your average potato crisp. And the result is slightly bubbly, cream coloured and matte. Not at all like your average potato crisp.

And what an amazing taste. I couldn't pick the difference in taste between T-bone steak and any other kind of steak but I did think the taste is a astonishingly meaty. Tall Elegant taste tester could not credit how meaty the taste is. And following the meaty taste, you get a quite separate peppery taste.

Not super gourmet; but very fabulous in its own way.

As luck would have it I had left my camera at home so couldn't take a picture. But the packet image gives you a pretty good idea.

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