Monday, 25 April 2016

Bret's Les Aromatisées Saveur Carbonara

Here's another packet of crisps brought home from the supermarket outside Reims. And we think they are pretty tasty.

Bret's usually made a pretty good crinkle cut crisp and this is very nice. The reluctant taste testers and I were a little puzzled at thought thought of Carbonara as a crisp flavour, but somehow it works quite well.

I gather that France and Italy have been having a bit of a spat recently about how you should make a Carbonara sauce (rows about recipes are nothing new but this seems to be working up to be quite serious) however I have no idea at all how this crisp flavour has dealt with that super important issue. Or not. I'm guessing probably not.

I have a problem with Carbonara as a pasta sauce flavour simply because it is so very creamy. And then there's the creepy way some restaurants serve it with a raw egg (in the shell) on top. Ugh! I can't bring myself to fancy that. I know you are supposed to mix the egg into the creamy sauce but I'd rather not.

OK, so some of the reluctant taste testers liked this crisp flavour a great deal. And some of them didn't. So I guess you have to try them for yourself. But I liked them. I thought they were pretty good. And no raw egg!

The finely cut crinkles of Bret's crisps are as good as ever, and the crunch is nice. And you really can taste a combination of creamy sauce flavour and bacon flavour. Not suitable for vegetarians.

Not bad.

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