Thursday, 28 April 2016

Vico Crazy Craq Spicy Lovers

This squirly crispy snack from France isn't quite what I was expecting.

I thought it was probably a maize based snack but instead it's a maize and peanut based snack. If I had read the packet I would have known that of course. The crunch is heavier than it would be without the peanut. And the odd sounding "spicy lovers" flavour (at least I suppose that's the name of the flavour) is only a gentle chilli flavour. Nothing too adventurous.

But the combination of peanut and chilli, plus onion and tomato and the ever popular "spices", is really extremely tasty. The reluctant taste testers and I liked these spirals a great deal. In fact I liked them much more than I was expecting and ate rather a lot.

Yum! I'd buy these again I think. I may have to. There was nothing left in the bag to take home to the Chef and he was a bit miffed.

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