Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Jacobs Oddities Salt & Vinegar.

I picked up a multi pack of Jacob's Oddities the other week. Called Oddities I suppose because these crisp little biscuits are all sorts of odd shapes, they are even odd in the packet department. Look at that; the packet opens down the side. Or maybe the packet opens at the top (or bottom) as usual, but is printed sideways. I can't decide which would be easier for the factory.

These little biscuits come in all sort of improbable shapes. Bird, owl, bone, camera, speech bubble with LOL on it, windmill, pineapple.... Somehow eating a salt & vinegar biscuit shaped like a pineapple does feel a bit odd. Hence the name I guess. And lip shapes, sky rockets, and flowers.

Anyway, the little biscuits (baked, the packet tells us) are quite sweet tasting with the salt & vinegar flavouring chucked on top. Which sounds odd but works quite well.

You only get 25g in each little multi pack packet which is less than an ounce. We ate our way through 3 packets with no trouble at all. The biscuits are so tiny you get a lot of them in 25g but of course they are very easy to eat.

And for those of you anxious about a very strong salt & vinegar flavour: this is a very gentle version.
I should say that somewhat to my surprise this is my 500th post. Who'd have thought the project I started by accident one rainy summer afternoon in Switzerland would last so long? Who would have thought there are so many crisps to try?

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  1. Well congratulations on your posting milestone! That's a lot! This one looks scrumptious. You left such a nice comment about my hometown of Albuquerque, which you DID spell right. I'm glad you're getting a good impression of such a humble place on the planet! Thank you!


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