Sunday, 3 April 2016

M&S Spirit of Summer Kentucky Bourbon BBQ Corn Chips

M&S are determined to get us all into the spirit of summer and no mistake! Here is another new crispy snack for summer 2016.

Kentucky Bourbon BBQ Corn Chips it says on the packet. BBQ flavoured corn chips with baked in black pepper and coriander. 

Well, the reluctant taste testers found this crispy snack flavour slightly wanting. It's a little bit hot, but not very. It's not very BBQy. I never had bourbon so I can't say of it tastes authentically of bourbon but it is on the list of ingredients; weird!

The crunch was a bit dull and we felt that the taste was very superficial. Once you've eaten the taste (as it were) then the actual corn chip doesn't taste of much. Which is a shame because the chips are a nice rectangular shape with not many breakages. You can see the baked in black pepper but I don't really know what baked in coriander would look like.

Quite nice. But not as nice as Tall Elegant taste tester, who supplied this packet, had hoped. Interesting idea though. 

And... I just tried another. Perhaps I have damned these with faint praise. Maybe you should try them for yourselves.


  1. Just found your review as I bought I a packet of these yesterday. Your review was spot on ! Quite bland, slightly peppery but not quite, lacking in bourbon, (Who in their right mind thought bourbon was a flavouring for crisps/chips ?). So def a 1 outa 10.
    The only 'spirit of summer' is probably going to be at their AGM reviewing their sales for the period....

    1. I suppose one must give the M&S crisp development department credit for trying all sorts of new ideas... but not sure this was such a good one. Some of the other Spirit of Summer flavours are much more flavourful.

      Thanks for dropping by. Come again soon!