Friday 29 April 2016

Manischewitz Salted Potato Chips Ripple

Have you noticed that it's Passover this week? Maybe not if you live hundreds of miles from the nearest kosher deli, but here in North London it is all too obvious. And the most obvious thing for me was this seriously large 170g packet of crinkle cut crisps. Kosher for Passover says the packet. So obviously I had to try.

What a great crisp! Good size, nice colour, great big crinkles and a fantastic crunch. Plus, just about exactly the right amount of salty yumminess.

What more could you ask?

Unfortunately these ripple chips were so tasty I had to put the packet in another room; I was in serious danger of eating far too many crisps for my breakfast. Or indeed, my all day long snack fest.

The reluctant taste testers were far from unimpressed and tucked in enthusiastically.

Interestingly these crisps are cooked in cottonseed oil. I'm not sure I have come across that before. Lactose free, suitable for vegetarians, kosher for Passover and all year round.


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