Sunday, 24 April 2016

Zweifel Moutarde

A new crisp flavour from Swiss crisp giant Zweifel.

And I thought I was't going to enjoy it. But I also thought that Noble Friend, and Dutch taste tester, and probably Tech taste tester too would like it a lot. And I was right and I was wrong. Because yes, they all liked this crisp a lot. But I quite liked it too. Despite not being a fan of mustard (but I did say "quite liked"). But the consensus was that the reluctant taste testers were pleased to approve of this flavour.

It's new, it's from Switzerland, and they liked it (mostly).

Interestingly the Chef. who eats far more mustard than I ever do, found the taste far too strong and really didn't enjoy these crisps. He was extra disappointed because he almost always enjoys Zweifel crisps.

As usual with Zweifel, the crisps are finely cut with a lovely light crunch and rather light in colour.

Don't forget, I have never seen Zweifel crisps outside Switzerland, but if you like mustard and you're on your way to Switzerland these might just be the crisp of your dreams. You can't miss the mustard coloured packet, so give them a try. What have you got to lose?

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