Monday, 4 April 2016

M&S Spirit of Summer Creole Spiced Bean & Rice Corn Chips

This is an amazing crisp. Well, it's a corn chip. So, this is an amazing corn chip. And a third choice from Marks & Spencer's new Spirit of Summer range.

I have to say if you don't like your snacks a dark brown, you may not exactly be fetched by the look. Both the images here fail to show just how dark brown these corn chips are. But you would be wrong to turn up your nose and not give them a try.

Because they are pretty tasty. And we did quite enjoy these spiced Creole flavoured corn chips with baked in pieces of red kidney bean & rice. Although I do have to say that I am dubious at best at the thought of baked in rice. What is that exactly?

Anyway, this was History Graduate's choice from the new range. And the reluctant taste testers thought he chose quite well.

Can you tell from the packaging that the last three choices of crispy snack come from the same range? Of course you can.

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