Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Michel et Augustin Petites Pitas au Romarin et Pointe de Sel

Now I nearly didn't buy this interesting packet of crispy snacks because I don't like the British style of Pitta Chips. However, because the reluctant taste testers and I had never tried anything made by Michel & Augustin I plunged in and bought a packet anyway.

And guess what? Delicious.

I think all the reluctant taste testers were impressed, even Slightly Red Haired Bristolian who didn't think she liked rosemary. Oh, but Tech taste tester said he found this crispy snack dry and dusty. Well, OK, but most of us were quite happy.

A very fine crispy snack, so much nicer in my opinion than the nasty thick UK pitta chip (I know Tech taste tester disagrees with me on this) and a beautiful salty, rosemary taste. I have to admit there are a lot on broken bits in the bag, but I guess that's because the texture is so thin.

So we can find out more about Michel et Augustin on their website. They seem to have a banana farm. Or maybe not. And operate in Paris, Lyon and New York. Augustin is the one with the hat and they seem to make a chocolate mousse. Interesting combination.

The packaging tells us: Notre Aventure: gourmand ET souriante, pleine de peps, de projects fous, et surtout HUMAINE. Vous, le livreuer, le bananier qui pique du nez, le commerçant, nous; chacun a son mot à dire faire grander l'aventure.

The Chef and I tried this crispy snack with a dip. This tastes great but the pitas are so thin that if you aren't careful they break with a glob of dip on.... so much licking of fingers.


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