Monday, 31 October 2016

Bénenuts les inCRAquables Goût Barbecue

Here's another weird crispy crunchy snack from Bénenuts.

All the reluctant taste testers really rather enjoyed this snack despite most of them telling me they thought it looks like deep fried caterpillars.

Well, I guess there's a gap in the deep fried caterpillar market then.  Aren't people weird? You'd think if they can see a deep fried caterpillar instead of a crispy snack made of maize flour and teeny weeny bits of potato they maybe wouldn't attempt it. Apparently not. Because quite a lot of these little crispy "caterpillars" were crunched down in no time at all.

A vote of confidence I think.

And not too much barbecue in the taste. Just quite a tasty smokey bacony... tastiness.

The packet tells me this crispy snack is une forme amusante et unique. I think we noticed!

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