Friday, 7 October 2016

Purina Bakers Whirlers with Tasty Bacon & Cheese Flavour

This is not so reluctant taste tester Frieda. She was testing bacon & cheese flavour Whirlers today.
The pack claims these chewy twists of bacon and cheese flavour yumminess are irresistible. And that does in fact seem to be the case. Frieda was pretty impressed and the tasty morsel lasted not so long as a chocolate éclair. 
Frieda was rather taken with Whirlers. She spent a long time pointing at the bag which was sitting on Noble Friend's desk. Not so reluctant taste tester Honey likes them a lot too.


  1. Aw...what a cutie! Glad she approved!

    1. She's a lovely girl. 13 years old now but just as enthusiastic about her food as ever.