Sunday, 30 October 2016

M&S Christmas Blacksticks Blue Cheese & Figgy Pickle Hand Cooked Crisps

Oh my goodness! why do they give crisps such bonkersly long names these days?

Really. Do you want to read all that text before you decide whether or not to purchase a packet of crispy snacks? I suspect not. However, obviously the reluctant taste testers and I had to try this new crisp from Marks & Spencer.

I'm not sure we were that madly impressed. You don't really get a taste of blue cheese. Tall taste tester is a blue cheese fan and he was disappointed. Which seems a  shame as M&S are advertising Blacksticks Blue Cheese which to be honest with you I had never heard of but it really is a cheese. Yes, a real cheese with its own playlist on Spotifiy! Since when did cheese makers have their own playlists like that? I am seriously behind the times.

And then the Figgy Pickle. This is weird. Kind of sweet, kind of sharp, so you end up with a sort of sweet and sour flavour. Honestly we didn't dislike this crisp; we just found it a bit odd. The flavour is a bit too complicated for us.

The Chef ate quite a lot of these crisps but I sometimes wonder if his crisp munching is a sort of absent minded grazing that goes on when I am at work. Who can say? Not the Chef. But annoyingly he doesn't get any fatter.

One thing we did think. This flavour smacks of Tescos rather than Marks & Spencer. But I cannot quite put my finger on why. Oh, and the crisps are a lot pinker than this photograph shows - and a whole lot pinker than the pack shot shows.

Obviously a limited edition for Christmas although the packet does not say so explicitly.

Update: Tall Elegant and Dutch taste testers have now had the opportunity to try this crisp. Dutch taste tester was extremely unimpressed. Tall Elegant taste tester said the thought the taste was utterly disgusting! So I am afraid this cannot be described as a wholehearted recommendation.

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