Monday, 10 October 2016

Tsakiris Chips Oregano

Monday taste tester went to Crete and extremely kindly brought us back a packet of oregano flavoured crisps to try.

Actually, she isn't really a taste tester. She's almost always on a 5:2 diet and one of the diet days is aways a Monday so she doesn't get to try any of the exciting and exotic crispy snacks we might be attempting. Not even one. Very self-controlled.

I gather that this packet of crisps burst in her luggage on the flight home. I expect it swelled up like a balloon as some packets do and then had nowhere to go. But I don't think that affected either the texture/crunchiness (Monday taste tester clipped the packet shut fairly sharpish) or the flavour of these tasty Greek crisps.

Rather small crisps and much finer cut than some. And an interestingly simple flavour. You know how some UK crisp manufacturers seem determined to produce a five star restaurant menu type flavour of crisp? Here we have a simple herb. And while the crisps themselves may have been made on mainland Greece, I'm sure you could pick oregano fresh in Crete if you wanted.

100% Φυσικη Πατατα says the packet ριγανη. Which means something about potatoes and then oregano. Yes, if you want to learn a foreign language you need to read more food packaging. Although you may miss out on the finer points!

I haven't been to Greece for ages; 1981 I think. I was in Athens and Delos and Olympia and Delphi... all over. I'm fairly certain we never tried any crisps (I only remember buying postcards and flip-flops and a tiny icon) so I don't know if the Greeks prefer finely cut crisps. In gigantic 200g packets too. But why not?

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