Thursday, 27 October 2016

Walkers Roast Chicken & Mayonnaise Flavour Potato Crisps

This here 40g packet of crisps from UK crisp giant Walkers (Lay's in disguise) is one of their new range of sandwich filling flavours. Sorry? What? Yup, a new range of crisps - limited edition I expect - of crisps flavoured with your favourite sandwich (or sarnie) fillings.

I was thinking that this is a bit mad; I never eat roast chicken & mayonnaise sandwiches. But wait... I do sometimes make myself a toast sandwich and fill it with cold chicken and Helmans with a spot of lettuce to pretend I am eating something healthy. Which is pretty exactly much the same thing. Although the mayo in this case is Heinz not Helmans which we always have in our fridge.

Is this turning into one of those snappy interviews you get in the weekend newspapers: one of the questions always seems to be what do you always have in your fridge? Most of the interviewees seem to have nothing but Champagne and some frightfully expensive cheese. If you are interested we do have Champagne in our fridge, but also white wine and fizzy water; lots of cheese - Cheddar, Emmental, Gruyere, Parmesan, Mozzarella, maybe some Brie or Tomme; Helmans of course; garlic and onions without which I cannot cook dinner; eggs; salad when the Chef is in residence; and probably cold meats. If I am lucky there will be Viande Sechée the fabulous dried beef (for want of a better explanation) from the Valais in Switzerland. Only we usually eat it very quickly because it is so good. If you want to know more here's a YouTube video explaining how to make it. Next question: what's the best present you have been given recently? Er....

So what did the reluctant taste testers think of these crisps? Well, I gather that Dutch taste tester has already tried several of these new sarnie flavours and liked this a lot. She and Tall Elegant taste tester thought the chicken taste was very good. Noble Friend and Slightly Red Haired Bristolian really weren't keen: I wrote "oh no!" on my handy post-it note to remind me what they said. And Tall taste tester and Discerning Architectural taste tester bizarrely both thought the taste was ham and quite liked that. Weird.

A mixed response. I thought they were rather good. Quite a realistic chickeny taste. Not bad at all although I am not certain I can pick the mayo in this crisp.

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