Sunday, 16 October 2016

Vico Crazy Craq Barbecue Maniac

Barbecue Maniac is a very odd name for a crispy snack flavour don't you think? Very strange indeed.

Vico Crazy Craq crispy snacks have a really good texture. The squirly design is wonderful and the bite just what you would wish for. The reluctant taste testers and I have really enjoyed the Strong Cheese flavour, and the Spicy Lovers flavour too.

I wasn't so keen on Barbecue Maniac (I'm really not mad for the barbecue flavours) but that didn't stop the rest of the reluctant taste testers enjoying this crispy snack. They most of them like barbecue flavour a lot better than I do.

Un max de Craquant, says the packet. Un max de goût Barbecue. Un snack totalement Vrillé.

If you like barbecue flavour crispy snacks I think we can highly recommend this very nice French product. Bought (obviously) at the Carrefour outside Reims. Oh, and made with 8% peanuts which don't seem to affect the barbecue taste at all.

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