Tuesday 18 October 2016

Carrefour Fantômes Saveur Jambon Fromage

You discover me today feeling very fat and rather guilty. Because I ate about three quarters of this 75g packet of fantômes all by myself. And fantômes are light and airy which of course means they weigh very little indeed so you get loads and loads in each packet. 

I've got to say I was a bit dubious about this crispy snack. I mean, the pink packaging didn't exactly fetch me. But I've said it before, and will no doubt say it again, don't judge a crispy snack by its packet.

Because this French snack is very tasty indeed. Very very tasty. I set out a bowlful and Dutch Taste tester and Tall Elegant taste tester were quick to say how much they approved. It seems everyone else approved too as the bowl was emptied by mid-morning. And never got refilled because I was too busy eating. The Chef didn't get any at all.

Lovely light bubbly texture with a perfect crunch, great ham and cheese flavour and a friendly ghost shape.

Definitely a five star crispy snack. Fabulous.

Are you going to be anywhere near a Carrefour anytime soon? Grab a bag and try these out for yourself.

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