Thursday, 13 October 2016

Bret's Saveur Chocolat Piment

Honestly, how could you resist? Chocolate and chilli flavour potato crisps. Gotta try these yes?

Well obviously. But what you get is not a potato crisp that someone has carefully grated chocolate on to create a gorgeous effect. You get a crisp with such a dark brown flavour dust that Dutch taste tester was afraid she was being asked to try Marmite crisps (she hates Marmite), and others thought it was beef or ... I don't know quite what. But no-one looked and thought aha! it's a chocolate crisp.

The crisps do smell of chocolate. Potato and chocolate. Weird eh? And they kind of taste of chocolate but only if you expect them to. With a little bit of chilli heat to follow. I have to say the reluctant taste testers were not that impressed, and nor was the Chef. But I think they would all have been disappointed if I had left these crisps on the supermarket shelf in Reims.

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