Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Belin Triangolini au Sesame

Obviously I picked up this crispy biscuitty snack because it is triangular (hence Triangolini) and not because it was a tie in product with the 2016 Euros (football/soccer). The tournament was held in the summer but luckily for Belin, the French team did OK.

But I guess you can buy this crispy snack even if there is no football on the horizon.

And what did we think? Well, it's an OK crispy snack. A little bit of sesame flavour, a little bit of salt, not a bad crunch. But I thought they seemed a little bit overcooked.

They weren't that popular with the reluctant taste testers and I can see why. OK is about right. However, the Chef, as ever, thought to try each little triangular biscuits snack with a spot of butter. And you know what? That makes a whole lot of difference.

Not super exciting.

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