Friday, 14 October 2016

John & John Suffolk Cheddar & Chives

What a strongly flavoured crisp. This faux British crisp seems to have been created for the German market so I am sort of surprised the cheese and onion is so... so strongly flavoured. But maybe that's what the great German public expects.

Maybe they say to themselves "so British" in a strong German accent the way the French and French speaking Swiss do (in a strong French accent obviously). Only a true German speaker can advise me on this.

Anyway, quite a nice thickish cut crisp, quite a hard crunch, very strong flavour: not bad really. The reluctant taste testers hoovered up this small bag pretty quickly but I found the flavour a bit strong for my taste.

I bet someone laboured long and hard on this deceptively simple packet design. It really is very nice indeed. Well done that someone.


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