Sunday, 6 November 2016

Ikea Potatischips Saltade

Noble Friend went to Ikea to buy who knows what and carefully rang me up to find out which of their crisp flavours we had tried, because last time she bought the same flavour again. And this is the other one that we hadn't. Tried.

Plain salted potato crisps. And very nice too. Made of nothing but potatoes, sunflower oil and salt.

A very slightly thick cut, a bit kettle chip, a bit hand cooked with a hearty crunch. And a great big whack of tasty salt. A very nice crisp I thought, and the reluctant taste testers thought so too.

Probably no-one will read this review because all you lot out there seem to be irresistibly drawn to the crispy snacks I really didn't like, but if you go to Ikea any time soon check out their crisp selection. Maybe not a reason to visit Ikea, but perhaps a reason to check out their food section while you are there. Really, this is very tasty crisp and you would be hard pressed not to enjoy it.

I bet they work well with a dip too.

Oh and these crisps did not require any styling. Because they all looked equally crispy and hand cooked I did not feel the need to arrange a "pretty one" on the top of the bowl before I took the photograph. Well, you know, some crispy snacks have lots of breakages and obviously your correspondent (that's me) wants you to see the snack at its best; hence the need for a little tidying before the snackshot.


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