Saturday, 12 November 2016

Pom-Bär Paprika

This is a huge 100g bag of Pom Bears I found in Switzerland.

Now, I rather enjoy Pom Bear original. It's a lovely flavour of not very much. And increasingly I find I really like a crispy snack that tastes of not a lot. So I wasn't really sure I wanted to enjoy paprika flavour Pom Bears.

But they are kind of moreish.

The Chef really enjoyed his share of the packet (about half) and most of the reluctant taste testers were happy too. 'I really like a Pom Bear' they said as they snacked into a slightly orange, slightly smiling potato foam bear-shaped snack. Even Discerning Architectural taste tester likes Pom Bears, although Tall taste tester wasn't that impressed.

We have now tried Pom Bear Cheese & Onion and Pom Bear Original. So it was interesting to try another flavour. And indeed a flavour not bought in the UK.

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