Wednesday, 16 November 2016

M&S Christmas Belgian Dark Chocolate Coated Chilli Tortilla Chips

This is another product I went back to the shop to buy another packet and found it had disappeared from the shelves. Maybe it will return (would be fun for Christmas Day) but it does seem odd that products are so ephemeral these days.

I'm not sure that the reluctant taste testers were terribly fetched by the idea of a chilli tortilla with a thick layer of chocolate. I confess I was rather dubious myself. However, I decided that this is a rather fabulous crispy snack. Hence the attempt to buy more. And they did all get eaten up.
The outside of the packaging looks like this, the inside is a shiny and golden. No point in scanning that because it doesn't really come across, but it does make a great backdrop for the tortilla chips.
The chocolate is really good and thick, the tortillas not too chilli-y (maybe a little more chilli would not be a bad thing) but the whole effect... I decided I really liked it. It's a very nice combination.

Maybe you'd look at this and think ooh that sounds a bit odd. But I think these tortillas are rather good. Give them a try if you spot them on a shelf.

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