Sunday, 20 November 2016

Golden Fluff Potato Zagz Original

This little bag contains only 60 calories! This little bag contains only 3g of fat. Huzzah! Sounds awfully healthy doesn't it?

This little bag contains only 14g of extruded potato snacks. Of which 3g is fat. Not so healthy then. And less than 1g of fibre. Again, not so healthy. It rather sounds as though the healthiest thing about this little bag of crispy snacks is that it's very small indeed.

This little bag contains a rather boring not very crispy, not very tasty snack. I'm disappointed and the reluctant taste testers were too. Golden Fluff can definitely do better than this. The bite is a bit heavy, the texture's not right and frankly we've tried a dozen tastier lightly salted snacks. Perhaps this natural flavour is supposed to have no salt at all? In which case it fails: 125mg or 6% of your daily recommended allowance.

Just stop what you're doing and grab a zag or two! Crispy, crunchy, crinkly, rippling with fresh potato flavour. Guaranteed - two won't do! says the packet. Hmmn.

Well I don't know. I think I'd sooner have something a little bit less "healthy".

I read online that an orange (fruit chosen at random) contains about 60 calories (maybe - different websites give different answers but let's run with this), and 0.1g of fat. The orange contains no salt and 2g or so of fibre. Of course it also has 9g of sugar. But think of the calories you use battling your way in through the skin.

If you haven't yet read it, you might like to take a look at my recent post on "healthy snacks". Which mostly really aren't.

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