Friday, 4 November 2016

M&S Petrifying Pumpkins Cheese Flavoured Potato Snacks

Petrifying pumpkins eh? I'm afraid we are trying out this Hallowe'en crispy snack slightly late but at least the reluctant taste testers have the chance to let the world know what they think.


OK, I think I can forgive Senior taste tester for remarking "these aren't exactly frightening". No, they aren't. Not at all frightening, and certainly not petrifying. But you have to allow for alliteration.

So, not petrifying at all but extremely moreish. Yes, all of the reluctant taste testers who tried this tasty crispy snack have enjoyed it rather a lot. Despite the fact that several taste testers thought this snack doesn't really taste of much they still ate lots. As I said, they are moreish.

So not actually very cheesy. But maybe that doesn't really matter.

And the shape is great! Extremely pumpkiny. Pumpkin-like. Yup, that description worked well for us. Very very pumpkiny, and who knows how they get that shape. It's kind of like a Hula Hoop but with a pumpkin shape. Great!

The reluctant taste testers ate two bowlsful, quite quickly, and I ate quite a few myself. Sort of not much taste at all.... but savoury,  in a good way. So kind of yum! And I took some home for the Chef who finished the packet enthusiastically.

I might look and see if there are any post-Hallowe'en packets to buy.

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