Monday, 21 November 2016

Walkers Sausage & Brown Sauce

Ooh dear. This was not a popular flavour with the reluctant taste testers.

Dutch taste tester told me recently that she had tried this crisp and quite enjoyed it. I think I can safely say she was the only one of us (not sure if the Vinyl Collector enjoyed them; history doesn't relate).

I couldn't really say what this crisp tasted of except it was very fruity. Kind of like a mince pie suggested Slightly Red Haired Bristolian taste tester. I suspect she meant this not in a good way.

And Noble Friend almost spat out her crisp. What kind of brown sauce is this she asked? It can't be Daddy's, it must be OK.... Or perhaps she said it can't be OK it must be Daddy's. In fact, it's HP Sauce. Who knew there were so many brown sauces? Not me.

My mother thought that brown sauce was for people who watched Coronation Street (we never did) or lived in the North (we'd lived in Scotland of course but that's not the same thing) so naturally she didn't buy it.  My mother was brought up in a household where food tasted of as little as possible (sad but true) so she was not a natural taste tester and we never had brown sauce at home. Until my brother went to work on a building site one summer and learned to drink tea and eat fry ups with brown sauce. And even when the larder did feature brown sauce I never fancied it (too brown!) so I never discovered how weirdly fruity it is.

For someone not brought up on the strange concoction that is brown sauce this is not a sandwich filling that I ever even considered. I would go with sausage and ketchup. Or mayo perhaps. Anyway, it seems that this weirdly fruity taste did not please the reluctant taste testers. And we did not finish even the small 25g packet. Pity.

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