Thursday, 17 November 2016

Tasto Japanese Seaweed Crisps

Tall elegant taste tester has been to the Far East recently and brought back this offering for the reluctant taste testers and me. She is now covered in confusion because she has subsequently discovered that the signature crisp of Tasto is apparently curried crab and she stupidly bought Japanese seaweed instead. Doh! I think we can forgive that. Of course we can. We'll live. I mean, it's very kind of her to bring any crispy snack home with her.

And what did we think? Japanese seaweed? Sounds disgusting doesn't it? But in fact not so weird as you might suppose.

And the reluctant taste testers, far from saying "ugh yuk, what's this nonsense?" said, instead that this is a very tasty snack, delicious, they liked the umami, and what was the flavour because they were rather enjoying it.

OK. So the reluctant taste testers are getting really international in their appreciation of crispy snack flavours. And good for them. Or... why not?

A pretty good crisp, not a bad flavour, not a bad crisp. Tasty. We quite liked these.

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