Thursday, 24 November 2016

M&S Christmas All Butter Rosemary & Sea Salt Straws

This rosemary flavoured (not very strongly flavoured - but in a good way) cheese straw from Marks & Spencer is kind of like a really rich shortbread. It is so extremely buttery that I felt I could only eat about half a straw at a time. They are rather large so you get quite a bit of buttery rosemariness with each straw.

Want to follow the serving suggestion? Take a white table cloth and scatter it liberally with golden glitter (can you imagine? glitter gets just everywhere), then strew the table with bits of yew, with red berries if possible,  and place your plateful of crispy snacks on the glittery cloth. Making sure, obviously, that there is a string of fairy lights in the background (actually not a problem this house because the Chef and I rather like to light the place with fairy lights).

Very tasty, but extremely rich. So you may feel like me that you can only manage about a half of one of these at a time.

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