Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Walkers Cheese, Cucumber & Salad Cream

This is one of the new (presumably limited edition) sandwich filler flavour crisps from Walkers. And what a strange sandwich this would be. Or would it?

I have to say I have never made a cheese, cucumber and salad cream sandwich. Having just typed that I'm sitting here thinking, well, maybe that would be quite tasty. And yes, it probably would be; depending on the cheese of course. From the photograph it could be basic cheddar. But I've never thought of building such a sandwich. And we don't usually have Heinz Salad cream in the house; we have Hellman's Mayo instead. So... you know...

Am I right in thinking that not so long ago Heinz tried to get rid of their Salad Cream? Yup, here we are (I'm afraid this link is from the Daily Mail but it is interesting); in 1989 Heinz considered scrapping Salad Cream. But after a massive public outcry (apparently led by Roy Hattersley MP) the scrappage was quickly cancelled and it seems the product has gone from strength to strength in recent years. Here it is starring in a Walkers crisp flavour!

And oh dear! Do you see what I thought there? "Not so long ago" I wrote. And it turned out to be 1989. Oh dear, oh dear. That makes me feel very old....

Anyway...This isn't a bad crisp. Quite fine cut, a little pale in colour and tasting slightly of little gherkins rather than cucumber. But interesting. It's hard to pick the cheese or the salad cream but most of the reluctant taste testers quite liked these crisps.

It's still a bit weird. In fact, somehow the whole sandwich filler flavour thing is a bit weird. But the way crisps are going I guess you have to come up with new flavours all the time. So why not?

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