Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Walkers Tear'n'Share Lightly Salted Crisps

This 150g packet of lightly salted, thicker cut crisps from Walkers comes in their new (fairly new) Tear'n'Share packet. The idea is that you grab the packet and pull. And you get a bowl. So no need for an actual bowl then.

But I couldn't open the packet! I put my thumbs in the designated "place thumbs here" spot - a red thumb-shaped place - and I pulled, and pulled but nothing happened. So I had to resort to stabbing the perforated line with a small sharp knife to help me break into the packet. Maybe I didn't push down strongly enough. Or perhaps I am simply not strong enough to fight my way into a crisp packet. You'd think I might have had plenty of practice.
But the bowl design works really well. The top part of the packet folds inwards and lo! you get a bowl.

Plus these lightly salted crisps are very nice indeed. Very nice on their own, very nice with a dip. This is an excellent crisp..
Not so lightly salted either. I wonder how salty the fully salted version is? Or perhaps they don't make a salted version any more. Anyway, this definitely deserves a yum!

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