Saturday, 5 November 2016

Co-op Irresistible Hand Cooked Sea Salt & Chardonnay Wine Vinegar Crisps

Damn! My nearest Co-op store that I know of is in Southwark! Which is to say, south of the river (River Thames, keep up chaps), so almost in France.

Aargh! The Chef will never forgive me. I took this little packet of yummy but posh salt & vinegar crisps into work and the reluctant taste testers and I ate the whole lot.

Kind of sharp, kind of sweet and a good crunch. Very nice.

Very nice indeed. I was pleased this was a good crisp, but sort of puzzled: the first Co-op crisp the Chef and I tried was the Slightly Salted and it really is superb. The second flavour was West Country Cheddar & Red Onion Chutney which was a bit, actually quite a lot, over flavourful. Too much flavour is not a good thing.

And todays's choice? Actually pretty good. Hurrah! But the Chef didn't get to try.

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