Monday, 7 November 2016

Belin Les Frenchips Goût Poulet Rôti

Cuites au four & maxi craquantes says the packet. And maxi craquantes is right. These very fine roast chicken flavour crispy snacks are extremely craquantes - very crunchy indeed. Very crispy really because they are so fine is seems better to say crispy than crunchy. It's a fine distinction I know, but there you are.

And the flavour? Interesting... it seems that the reluctant taste testers who knew they were trying a roast chicken flavour crispy snack picked the flavour with no trouble at all and agreed it was really chickeny. Those who weren't told didn't get the flavour. Obviously I knew because I bought the packet so I found it odd that those who didn't know did not pick this flavour which had seemed so obvious to me.

Well, again, I guess there you are.

Trés trés nouveau says the packet. Not just new, but very very new. Amazing!

And apart from the name "Frenchips"... friendships? ..... what did the reluctant taste testers think?

Delicious. Pity the extreme thinness of the crispy snack leaves us with so very many breakages but the taste and the crunch is just great. Everyone loved it.

Yes, a great shame so many of the very fine crispy snack (almost but not quite biscuitty) thins were broken. This could be because the packet was bought in France, driven to Switzerland and then driven home to London. But I suspect not. I think it's because the fineness makes them very brittle. But that does not affect the excellent taste.

There are other flavours which I hope to discover next time the Chef & I are in France.

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