Thursday, 3 November 2016

Co-op Irresistible Hand Cooked West Country Cheddar & Red Onion Chutney Crisps

The new extension at Tate Modern with an interesting road sign
Yes, another impossibly long named crisp.

Basically it's yet another take on a cheese and onion crisp but using a named cheese (Cheddar) from a named dairy (the Alvis brothers dairy) in a named part of the country (Somerset in the West Country).   And not just onion but red onion, and red onion chutney at that. Oh so complicated.

Now the Chef and I tried a packet of lightly salted crisps from the Co-op just the other day (see our all time favourites side bar) and they really were superb. But somehow this cheese and onion crisp is not of the same calibre. I think it's trying too hard. Which is a shame.

Quite a thick crisp with a fairly hard crunch, the skin has been left on which is nice, and the flavour dust is a rich orangey golden colour. Not a bad flavour by any means, but I think these crisps are too tasty.
Too tasty? Yes I think so. Call me picky but I think these crisps would be better if the flavour were more subtle. But try for yourself if you have a local Co-op.

I don't know where our local Co-op is so all three of the Co-op crisps I have bought recently came from the little branch just around the corner from Tate Modern. Which is in Southwark (South of the Thames) so quite a distance away but easily accessible on the tube.

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