Tuesday 3 September 2013

Smith's Spicy Tomato Flavour Snaps

I honestly thought these would be truly disgusting. And they're not. Not disgusting at all despite the wacky crocodile wackily dressed as an American college student on the bag. 

I really must try not to buy them again because they are surprisingly tasty and go down very readily. Once again, lucky thing it's a small packet.

Mmm..... reconstituted potato foaminess! Delicious. With a good crunch. Like the basic and much loved Quaver in texture Snaps are a deep yellowy orange and taste not of spicy tomatoes but spicy tomato soup. I can't quite work out why I feel so strongly about the distinction.

They are of course a completely fake form of food and I am sure have a giant carbon footprint forcing the good old potato into all those bubbles. Really, you might as well use them as packaging for, I don't know, a set of six champagne flutes as eat them.

However. Let's not get overly picky just because the packaging is unspeakably naff. And what do crocodiles have to do with spicy tomato flavour anyway?

Verdict? Yum, surprisingly yum. Well done Mr Smith.

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