Sunday, 15 September 2013

Bissli Falafel Flavoured Wheat Snacks

Oh dear.

Perhaps Yom Kippur was not a good day to try another kosher snack. Well serve me right because these are not very nice.

The falafel flavour is just right but there's too much wrong with these to make them enjoyable. 
For a start, they look like fish food.
There is a strong falafel smell when you open the bag, and each, erm, wormy bit tastes quite strongly of falafel but you have to go on adding to the falafel taste. If you don't add to the taste (eg keep on eating) it wears off almost at once and then you just have an ultra crunchy wormy wheaty thing that tastes of nothing at all. At a pinch you could say maybe they taste of shredded wheat but what's the lure in that? There's no flavour dust; nothing much to lick off your fingers - just what you get when you crunch.

They are extremely crunchy. Quite hard - very hard. And really quite odd. Or at any rate, quite odd to someone (me) who has never been presented with stuff that looks like fish food as a savoury snack.

I'm looking hard for something nice to say. Suitable for vegetarians. No preservatives or food colouring (no paprika! Or not on the list of ingredients). Kosher.

And what about the two young men on the packet? There's the nerdy-looking one with glasses and a necklace, and the red-haired one (check out the ear ring) with the scraggly beard. Is this a strange way to advertise your snack? It does seem a little weird.

I've tried to say something nice but Terry says firmly these are pretty foul in every department. So there we are.

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