Saturday 7 September 2013

Zweifel Paprika Original Chips

"Original Zweifel peppers are the clear leader among Zweifel chips! With her unmistakable Gewürtzmix they belong for 50 years the most popular in the range."

This is what Zweifel's rather orange website tells me, although to do them justice I should point out that the rather dodgy English translation is courtesy of google.

Zweifel is a family owned Swiss company based in Zurich and Aargau. They introduced crisps "les chips" to the Swiss in 1950 and have about 70% of the market share. Paprika is the most popular flavour. And that's enough facts.

It's really quite amazing how much paprika goes into making crisps. Foolishly perhaps I had always supposed that paprika farmers were dependent on people making lots of goulash, but not a bit of it. Practically everything I look at these days seems to be coloured with paprika, or flavoured with it too. These crisps are just covered in tasty paprika yumminess.

Paprika has possibly also inspired the colour of the Zweifel factory which is an exciting very bright orange. Oh, and the colour of the website too of course.

Zweifel paprika original crisps are extremely finely cut, far finer than the average British crisp. They are a rich orange in colour, have a really delicate crunch and have lots of high quality flavour dust to lick off your fingers. The fineness of the crisp does result in more broken crisps than you would expect from, say, a packet of Walkers, but we don't find this a problem: the taste is simply too good.

We try very hard not to eat too many of these when we are in Switzerland, and usually fail. And Terry always imports several large packets into the UK when he comes home so we fail not to eat them here too.

Delicious. Try them if you can. I gather Zweifel export some of their products to Germany and Italy so supplies may not be confined to Switzerland.

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