Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Simba Mrs H S Ball's Chutney Flavoured Potato Chips

"Roarrrrs with flavour" says the packaging.

And indeed these South African crisps are pretty tasty. It could be because they are flavoured with the famous Mrs H S Ball's Chutney. Or it could be that they are flavoured and coloured with more E numbers than I've seen in one product in a very long time. 13 E numbers plus MSG and a mystery ingredient TBHQ which is a form of butane. Dear me.

I suppose they have different rules about E numbers in South Africa; the packet even has a sticky label that warns me it "contains colourings which may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children". Amazing. I have checked my behaviour and attention span but I can't find any adverse effects. I feel just like someone who has eaten a few too many chutney flavoured crisps.

I have only seen this packet in real life, but the website shows that all the Simba flavours feature this imposing and cheerful cartoon lion wearing a crown. Obviously, coming from South Africa, it would feature a lion. There's a potato wearing a crown on the back of the packet. I think it's a wannabe Simba Chippie. Which I suppose is a crisp?

Interesting flavours from Simba; smoked beef, creamy cheddar and Mexican chili. They even have a limited edition Steers Monkey Gland Sauce flavour. Somehow that sounds utterly disgusting but perhaps monkey gland sauce isn't made of monkey glands? (No of course not says google - it's mostly made of tomatoes, ketchup and chutney but no two recipes seem to be the same. How disappointing that there are no glands involved although, as I say, that does sound disgusting.)

These are crinkles but more finely crinkled than most British crisps I have come across. They almost look as though they've been crimped with a goffering iron (as used by Mrs Tiggywinkle). There's plenty of flavour dust and - I was going the check the colour but I find I have accidentally eaten the whole packet. Damn. I think the colour is fine.

So would I recommend these South African crisps? Yes. Absolutely. For the taste and crunchiness. Although [health & safety message], take care with those E numbers guys and don't stand too near the barbecue.

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