Wednesday 18 September 2013

Bissli BBQ Flavour Wheat Snacks

Ever hopeful and possibly flying in the face of experience, I thought I'd try another kosher snack.

Here we have the dynamic cartoon duo previously featured on the packaging of Bissli falafel flavour wheat snacks, also promoting the "BBQ" snacks. The nerdy one with the glasses is looking a bit more cheerful, and the red-haired one with the scraggly beard is standing at a different angle so you can't see his earring. I'm still not convinced I would use this couple to advertise my snack but there you are.

So. Here we go. I am opening the packet now. Urrr. I mean seriously urrrr.
I'm not eating these. Yuk yuk yuk. Yuk.

The smell when you open the packet isn't too bad. A little bit dog biscuit. Not too bad.
Look like those pasta twirls don't they? Quite innocent really.

But the taste! It's like my neighbour's barbecue before he even begins to cook anything - at this stage he's run out of the house and is spraying the barbecue with something that looks like petrol. Wait wait! His apple tree is burning down and the garden is filled with clouds of smoke..... Who thought this flavour would be a good idea?

Kosher. Suitable for vegetarians. No preservatives or food colouring. But oh dear. In a major way.

Marks out of 10? No. Very sorry. But no.

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