Thursday, 5 September 2013

Bamba Peanut Snack

My lovely friend Giraffe taste tester very kindly bought me a 25g packet of Osem Bamba peanut snacks to try.

Giraffe taste tester tells me this is what Israeli children eat. Apparently she ate them too as she hung around with a load of Iraeli kids when she was growing up. I asked suspiciously if she would still eat them and she indicated that yes, she certainly would. She has a wide, sincere smile.

I asked because (very sorry) the packaging design is so ghastly I was not encouraged to try these at all, but rather put off. The dreadful cartoon baby is really rather... dreadful. Honestly I can't imagine why any company would choose such an image to advertise their product. Once again the product is not really aimed at me but I still don't see why the baby motif would appeal to children even if it is brandishing weights.

Anyway, to the snack. The smell is very strongly peanut (49% on the ingredients list) but not salted peanut. The finger feel is smooth and rather soft, and there's no flavour dust. Fairly crunchy, the snack seems to be a reconstituted mix of peanut and corn. Initially there is not much taste but the texture is smooth and velvety, quite unusual, and after you chew you get a soft velvety paste to eat.

The best bit is the sweet, salty, peanutty after-taste.

I can easily see that if you grew up eating these you could find them delicious but I'm pretty sure I would never buy them for myself. The Chef tried them too so it's not just me. Wikipedia tells me the flavour is peanut butter and not peanut at all, but I can't see any evidence of this on the packet - unless it's the small bit in Hebrew in the corner although I suspect not.

Useful info: they are pareve kosher and you never know when that will come in handy. The package tells me Rabbi Jacob Moshe Charlap monitors this for Osem Israel (owned by Swiss conglomerate Nestlé).

Two slightly weird extras: these snacks come with a U certificate as though they were a film, and also I need to protect them from the sun. I wonder why?

Also available in strawberry says Wikipedia. Hmmnn... I'm not sure about that.

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