Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Golden Wonder Tangy Toms

A packet of Tangy Toms tomato flavour corn snacks from Golden Wonder has been sitting on my desk for a week waiting for a crunch at lunch moment.

Perhaps this was not a good choice today. With several very stressy tasks to complete by the end of the day I needed something better.

Tomato Flavour Corn Snacks with Sugars and Sweetener says the packaging.
And "Let's hear it for Terrifically Tangy Toms, because every bag of these bad boys... contain no artificial colours or preservative... has just 0.9g of salt per pack... are baked not fried" [sic].

Somehow this terrific write up is rather off-putting. Actually, let's be honest, I find the use of "these bad boys" seriously off-putting. However, the target audience is probably boys aged 8 - 14. Which doesn't include me.

These little ball-shaped corn snacks are about the size of a man's thumb nail and a golden orange colour. Unfortunately the golden orange is only skin deep and this is a shame because the colour is also the flavour which is also only skin deep. I suppose the tangy tomato flavour is OK; fairly spicy, quite tasty, but nothing special. And the taste is more spicy - sorry - tangy tomato sauce rather than tangy tomato.

But as I said, the flavour is only skin deep and the inside, which is much bigger than the outside, is a dry corn snack with nothing to recommend it. We had curried eggs like this for supper at my boarding school sometimes; each table would have a dish of 14 hard boiled eggs sitting in plain boiled rice with a layer of curry on top. Sounds reasonable? Perhaps it would have been if the curry had been more than a couple of millimetres thick. You need more than a skin of flavour.

Verdict? Not very special and far too dry. Shame because Golden Wonder seem to have tried to make these, er, bad boys just a little bit healthier than the norm.

And what is going on with the dreadful faux tomato creature on the packet?

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