Monday, 9 September 2013

M&S Ever So Posh Lobster Cocktail Crisps

So, let's be brave here. I've chosen to try these beautifully packaged lobster flavour crisps because I love the beautiful packaging. Wow. Dark brown silky smooth bag with a fabulous lobster-coloured lobster on. How fabulous is that? Top marks on the packaging front for this very posh packaging from Marks & Spencer.

Is it silly to try a crisp just because I like the design of the bag? Perhaps not as silly as trying a peanut or tomato flavour snack even though I think the packet design is dreadful. And obviously I've done that before.

However, as crisp fans may have noted, I don't eat fish. And that includes shellfish. I have eaten crab and lobster in the past, to be polite, but found them a bit rich. And, you know, just a bit fishy. So let's see how we go.

The aroma was quite fishy when I opened the bag but the taste was salty and savoury - nothing special but less appetising to me than a non-lobstery crisp might be -  with a hit of citrus aftertaste and a hint of shellfish going on in the background. The colour is pleasant, quite orange, and they have a good crunch as you would expect from this M&S hand cooked range but there was nothing to encourage me to nosh down half the bag in one sitting. Terry wasn't madly struck but he's not a shellfish fan either.

I asked some people at work what they thought because they all eat fish and even things with tentacles on a regular basis.

Ruth said she wouldn't exactly call them lobster cocktail. Just generic crisp flavour. " Nice though" she said, before admitting that she doesn't really eat crisps.
Nick found them a bit tart. He would put them in a bowl and eat them with drinks on holiday. "Yeah, I'd be happy to eat these".
Susan thought they don't really taste of anything apart from paprika, but detected a slight aftertaste of shellfish.

Nobody was madly impressed I am sorry to say.

So, top marks for packaging and crunch; less enthusiasm for the flavour.

Verdict? Could do better. And we didn't finish the bag.

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