Thursday, 19 September 2013

Walkers Crinkles Simply Sea Salt

"More flavour in every groove" shouts the bright red packaging.

Mmnn.... I'm not so sure. These are top quality crinkle crisps with a terrific crunch. There is nothing whatever wrong with the texture, the thickness or the crunch. But....

But the simply sea salt flavour is really a bit dull for my taste buds.

I guess I have learned to love crisps with a very strong taste. Actually, I read an article on the BBC website not long ago about how some people have more taste buds than others - or really how some people have fewer taste buds and therefore feel the need to chuck salt and other flavour enhancers all over their food. I have a feeling I fall into this second category.

Most crispy crunchy snacks are so laden with flavours these days, that simple basic saltiness is not enough. I am damning these crisps with faint praise because of my own personal tastes, which is a shame, because there is nothing whatever the matter with them.


(a) I bet they would heat up very nicely as a roast potato substitute with a chicken on a Sunday (see Great British Summer beef burger handcooked potato crisps for more).
(b) I'm sure they are wonderful with dips. I have used up my sour cream and chive dip quota until Christmas so I can't test this out just now, but I am willing to bet these crisps work very well with a good dip. Sour cream and chive is my favourite.

The Chef says he really likes plain salted crisps. He likes the purity. That's what he said. So I have tried again at the end of the packet. Still not the world's most exciting flavour but a pretty good crisp nonetheless.


  1. I am never quite sure about these Crinkles - there is something a little artificial about them. Just had a bag of Seabrokes Salt and Vinegar - very nice but they tend to burn your tongue a little. I must admit that in these days of the Walkers' hegemony I long for the taste of Smith's and KP.

  2. I don't know Seabrokes crisps. Are they a local brand? I tell you the brand I do like: Yorkshire Crisps. I've not seen them on sale in London but I daresay if I went on a quest they are sold at some swanky bar somewhere. Discovered them at Haddon Hall in Derbyshire, and then again at Hardwick Hall. Superb in all the flavours I've tried. They do "chardonnay wine vinegar". Worth a try perhaps?


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