Saturday, 21 September 2013

Smith's Twisted Flamin' Hot

"Twisted (TM) soft, melty, deliciously twisty packed full of your favourite Flamin' Hot flavour" says the packaging in orange type on a swirl of red and cerise. I'm not convinced that anything called "Flamin' Hot" is in fact my favourite flavour. However, here goes...

Wow! Really hot. Possibly even flamin' hot. And extremely twisted. But in other respects just like an ordinary corn puff.
Very nice texture, good crunch, orangey yellow and really twisty. I would not describe these as melty though. A little bit too dry. The colour and taste all seem to be on the outside which is a bit of a shame.

I tried these twisty puffs at my desk at lunch and wasn't too impressed. I thought them too hot, and too dry. So I didn't finish the bag. I took it home to photograph the remaining twists and scan the packet. And then I accidentally helped myself to another twist, and another while I was drinking a glass of wine.

What a vast improvement.


How odd that a crunchy snack apparently designed for children tastes so much better with a glass of wine. My lunchtime glass of water was clearly not good enough.

So it turns out that these get a very good review; both for the amazing twistyness and the flamin' hot flavour. Shame about the dry element, but hey, just have another swig of wine.

Well done Smiths. Not a bad job. Suitable for vegetarians too.

But I mustn't forget the tongue twister printed on the back of the packet: tremendously tingly twisty twisted tickle the taste buds and tantalise the tongue, because totally twisty twisted are the tastiest tingliest twisted snack in town. "Ooh twisty!" it says.

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