Saturday, 19 November 2016

M&S Christmas All Butter Mini Goats Cheese Straws with Chilli & Roasted Onion Chutney

What a mile long name for a crispy snack. What a terrifically tasty crispy snack!


I think if you asked them you'd find that all the reluctant taste testers liked this mini cheese straw concoction very much indeed. I thought they were very good but we all liked them; Senior taste tester, Tech taste tester, Giraffe Fan.... even those of us who don't like goats cheese (Tall Elegant taste tester "but I don't like goats cheese") enjoyed this extremely good and terrifically tasty crispy snack.

Lovely texture, nice bite, the sort of streusel cheesy topping was cheesy and crunchy, nice heat from the chilli aftertaste and the onion chutney adds to the rounded taste: altogether a tremendous snack. 10/10 for general deliciousness.

Grab some while you can because this is probably a limited edition for Christmas only. And grab them now because Tall taste tester is going to buy up the entire supply to give to his family for Christmas.

Probably not madly healthy. Because you will eat more than you meant to.

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