Monday, 5 October 2015

Walkers "Bring Me Back!" Toasted Cheese

So... what does toasted cheese taste of then? Do you know, I haven't had a toasted cheese sandwich, or indeed cheese on toast for ages. Even so I am fairly certain that toasted cheese doesn't taste of Quavers.

This is so weird. This little packet of crisps - proper potato crisps - tastes of nothing so much as Walkers Cheese Quavers. Quavers is a wonderful cheesy snack apparently made of nothing but bubbles and air. And what works with bubbles and air as a cheesy flavour doesn't seem to work with a potato crisp.

I'm not sure the reluctant taste testers were too struck with this flavour. Although of course the whole packet did get eaten. However I would not vote to bring back this flavour.

A good rich golden colour, nice crunch, and plenty of cheesy flavour dust. So not nasty. And I think they might be quite popular. But not for me.

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