Wednesday, 21 October 2015

M&S Hand Cooked Turkey & Maple Syrup Crisps

This is the second packet of Marks & Spencer Christmas crisps we have tried this year. Turkey & Maple Syrup flavour eh?

Well, at least it sounds a bit more normal than the totally bonkers Prosecco flavour we tried the other day.

The list of ingredients includes turkey, sage, thyme and lemon. Despite trying really hard I'm not sure I can detect any of them. Which is a shame. And the flavour seems to be all about the maple syrup.

Very nice hand cooked crisps with the skins left on. Good crunch. Not nearly so much flavour dust as the Prosecco crisp but plenty of taste. Strong aroma of maple syrup.

But still pretty weird. The reluctant taste testers are fairly united in believing that potato crisps should be savoury not sweet. And I think the Chef and I agree with them.

Do we get the impression that the M&S crisp development department is trying a little too hard? Next stop Christmas tree flavour crisps! Frankincense and Myrrh perhaps? And why not Reindeer? Reindeer & Lingonberry. Now that sounds tasty....

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